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The real breakthrough is not to produce a floor out of glass, it is to understand glass as an ideal material for flooring but not as something that is see-through. We have no interest in making a floor that is see through. We love the beautiful surface that will remain perfect for generations and we love the whole range of new and exciting opportunities that come with this product. It is a great way to hide intelligent design and only make it accessible when it is really required.

Glassfloor Wellness
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Revolutionising Sports Flooring

We have ideas that will revolutionise training methods, the presentation of professional sports and bring completely new sports only playable with glowing marking lines.
We are thinking about running tracks with an indicator on the floor moving at a set speed for continuos running training, virtual barriers for football and handball training that appear and move randomly and are not allowed to be crossed by the ball to simulate defend opponents. To enhance the professional presentation LED systems under the floor can also be used to show the score, match statistics and nation flags.

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Advertising Possibilities

Advertising is a vital part for refinancing the investment in an ASB GlassFloor. All glass panels outside the official sports field can be used for permanent advertising. By simply applying logos and graphics underneath the glass panels clear advertising messages can be displayed on the floor, complete in the viewer’s area of attention. These graphics can be changed easily and sold for set periods of time (i.e. one year or only for a single tournament. Interactive advertising under the floor is also possible. Using LED panels the whole floor can in theory be turned into one gigantic screen that could show adverts during break time.

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Smart Flooring

Soon we realised that the potential of this floor is going to be far beyond sports floors. The high class floor surface, optical appearance and walking experience are one reason. The application of technology under the floor is the second and more important reason. With this floor we can bring the future a bit closer. Hotel lobbies with gigantic logos that change colour over time, information counters from where directions can be displayed under the floor, directions for emergency exits that only appear in case of an emergency, a higher anti slip surface for spa areas with under floor mood lighting and many more opportunities are waiting to be discovered.

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In cooperation with OTEM 2000 we have found a way to integrate solar panels into the ASB GlassFloor. This allows revolutionary installations on rooftops, terraces, in public spaces and parks. A floor with the capability to generate green energy allows spaces required for public access to create green energy from sunlight without compromising the usability of the area where the floor is installed.

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