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To create a truly revolutionary product it is essential to have a “think outside the box“ mindset and never compromise in quality. ASB has several times reinvented products and taken markets by surprise in showing new ways of doing things. 

At ASB we know that a great concept needs intense attention to detail and extensive processes of research and development before it is ready for sale. 

We do things the ASB way. 

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We never made sports floors

People developing sports flooring think wood rubber, pvc or maybe textiles... They think of glass as something for looking through and of something that shatters on impact. Not on earth would there be the chance of playing sports on glass because it is slippery, hard as crystal, has sharp corners and it reflects light like crazy. We don’t make sports floors, we have a vision.

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We create the future

With a strong vision of what a floor of the future would look like we set out to take all possible hurdles and in the end we created what we think may be the best floor ever created. Our sports floor is of unmatched quality, feel and appeal and due to the possibilities the floor opens and its multi-functionality it is much more than a sports floor - it is the floor of the future.

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ASB, revolution through innovation, again

At ASB we have achieved an international market leading position by offering a revolutionary SquashCourt system no one thought to work. The ASB system proved to be the best and longest lasting squash court in the world. By maintaining the highest quality continuously applying innovation we have stayed ahead of the market for more than 30 years. We revolutionised the Squash industry with products like the movable walls for multi-functional courts, the coloured ASB RainbowCourt, electronic scoring systems and the ASB ShowGlassCourt -used in most high profile tournaments. Often we did not react to the market but offered a solution, setting the new standard for the best.

We put up squash courts in front of the pyramids, made them portable on a hovercraft or put them open air on cruise ships. We brought excitement to the sport squash. Now we want to excite the rest of the sports world.

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