ASB GlassFloor featured in ‘Lichtmagazin’

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Illuminated Lines - A sports hall without confusing lines

There are no more confusing lines for different sports on sports hall floors. Clear and illuminated marking lines offer clarity, flexibility and safety.

The ASB company under the management of the founder and owner Horst Babinsky developed and realised this glass floor with „that certain something“ in cooperation with the glass processing company KINON Porz.

The supporting and resilient aluminium substructure carries the glass floor. The surface of the laminated safety glass panels is coated with a special etching to prevent reflection whilst a ceramic screen print provides the required grip.

Initiated by the great demand, ASB Babinsky from the Bavarian Stein further developed the marking lines of this sports floor made of glass, so that the colours and brightness can be changed any time.

Previously the marking lines of a sports floor in a school’s gym for badminton, tennis, volley ball, basket ball and hand ball were installed in blue colour and on a touchscreen they can be switched on and of. This progress now opens the way for multi-purpose use. This special glass floor can also be used out door, as it is used in an outdoor squash court in Spain.

The Squash Court expert installed a glass floor with coloured LED marking lines and an LED area, to show pictures, wording, signs and information at the U21 Squash World Championships in Chennai, India. This LED area was used in many ways. They showed the present score and during the breaks moving banner ads.

The glass floor’s mat and classy surface becomes a special feature in the field of squash also with the help of the illuminated lines. The water-tight LED channel which is integrated in the substructure in RGB-Technology (safety class IP 65) can be actuated by a touchscreen. Colour, brightness and function can be controlled.

Due to the positive and promising feedback ASB is further developing this light technology together with the LED specialist INNOLed from Brüggen in Northrhine-Westphalia.

Improved line crossings and complete modules get special attention. Intelligent light connections with the respective light markings will be developed.

This special floor with its innovative light technology is conquering more and more sports- and multi-functional halls and also for ball- and festival rooms it offers amongst other functions the indication of emergency- and escape ways.

Modularity and possible fields of application make sure that we will see a lot of this floor in the world of sports and event technology.