Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony in Stein

The School "Schloss Stein" inaugurated its new "Helmut-Konrad-Sporthalle" (Helmut-Konrad-Sports Hall) after a two years' construction time. What makes this sports hall so special is the resilient glass floor, which was developed by ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky (as we reported). The School's headmaster, Sebastian Ziegler, welcomed many guests of honour and alumni.

The Federal Minister of Transport and Construction, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, held the speech. He said that he was always very pleased to inaugurate such showcase projects in his home country. "And this new sports hall hits the front pages with its world novelty," explained Ramsauer. He referred to the glass floor that was installed in a sports hall for the first time. It was every Federal Minister of Construction's aim to have new innovative buildings "that are sustainable and latest technology". District Administrator, Hermann Steinmassl, pointed out that the Schule "Schloss Stein" didn't have many pupils from the area, but was very renowned within Germany and abroad and so pupils come from near and far. The Mayor, Franz Parzinger, praised the innovative idea of the entrepreneur Babinsky, who had developed the floor and who, by doing so, supported the town to become even more known. The new sports hall is named: "Helmut-Konrad-Sports-Hall". Helmut Konrad was teacher and educator at the Schule Stein and he especially made a name for himself as PE teacher. Looking back, he told about many successful results of his pupils. "Such a sports hall had always been our dream - how wonderful that this dream has come true now.", said the former PE teacher.

Architect Claudia Petzen hammer from the Architectural Office "Petzenhammer & Petzenhammer" explained that the task to build such a modern sports hall in the middle of such ancient buildings had been a very special task " We had to find out and bring in the atmosphere. The sports hall has to recede before the Schloss (castle) and leave the view on the hermitage." This was the reason why the sports hall was built partly underground, so that the playing field is in the underground and the grandstand on the ground floor. With an obstacle free entrance and latest energy performance.

Head teacher, Wolfgang Motzer, stressed the importance of sports at the School "Schloss Stein". In addition to PE, the curriculum also offered special interest group work, and also further sports activities in their free time, which will be further improved by this new sports hall. Horst Babinsky was also present at the inauguration ceremony, who furnished this hall with a very special floor. No more confusing lines for different sports in the new hall. When entering the hall you only see an even, bright blue surface with the school's emblem in the middle. The surface is made of glass and there are no marking lines. These are only activated with the touch screen, which is installed in the wall. After one of the sports - hand ball, basket ball, volleyball, tennis or three badminton courts - is activated, the marking lines shine clearly and precisely through the blue glass surface.

Father Jordan Fenzel blessed the hall, pupils and teachers organised the musical background and after the ceremony the guests could watch a basket ball match between the Bundesliga Team Wasserburg U17 and a team of the School "Schloss Stein".

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