ASB has partnered with OTEM 2000 to realise yet another visionary flooring product. The SolarFloor. A slip resistant floor that creates energy from sunlight. The surface and build up of the floor is very similar to the ASB GlassFloor and brings the same prooven quality and performance factors. The floor provides the necessary grip for outdoor installations, is easy to clean and can also be created as an elastic floor that meets international norms for sportsflooring. Although the floor is not at an angle to the sun like solar panels in solar farms, with our specially developed glass we achieve up to 80% of the max efficiency of the solar panels we use. At the same time the surface is fully usable and can be walked on.

Glassfloor Wellness
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Standard Floor installations

Photovoltaic installations usually occupy spaces and make these totally unusable. With this new product we can create solar energy on a rooftop terrace. Such a floor is the ideal hangout at lunch times, but being mostly unoccupied the floor creates the full range of energy when unused. With the special stringing technology we use the floor still creates a significant amount of energy when it is used and some areas are covered by shadows. Possible applications are public spaces on city squares, walkways in parks, roof tops and many more. The floor can create energy to feed lighting installations at night or it can be fed directly into the power supply of an office building where the demand in energy is at its highest during sunshine hours.

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The Solar Sports Floor

We have found a way to integrate the new SolarFloor technology into our ASB GlassFloor. This means that the floor can still meet all elasticity and grip related performance criterea required for a sports floor. A solar sports floor would be available with LED marking lines that are fully visible under the influence of sunshine. During the day the floor could for example create energy in order to power flood lighting for sport sessions at night. Outdoor sports floors are large areas that can now be used to harvest green energy.

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The Partnership with OTEM 2000

ASB has partnered with OTEM 2000, a Spanish start up that persues revolutionary ideas in integrating green technologies. OTEM 2000 holds the necessary patents and ASB is the ideal partner to provide the right surface and an international network to install the new product on a global scale. A first prototype has been created at ASB’s head quarters in Stein, Germany. The efficiency of the solar floor is stunning and it enables photovoltaic installations in places where this was previously impossible.

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