Sports Flooring

The ASB GlassFloor comes from Squash where All-Glass-Courts have been used since 2006. Originally designed for the sport of squash where portable All-Glass-Courts are erected in all types of locations, like city centres, in front of the pyramids or in shopping centres. The floor is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The one way translucence of the floor allows a whole new range of possibilities. LED lines or screens can be seen through the floor but when but when not illuminated, they are invisible. The floor is very long lasting and sustainable.

ASB GlassFloor on the squas court

Norm Compliance

The ASB GlassFloor meets all European and worldwide norms , ISO and DIN, for indoor and outdoor sports flooring. The floor is therefore the ideal platform for tournaments in many sports like Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Netball, Volleyball etc.


Elasticity and Floor Surface

Surprising for most people our glass floor is more elastic than most wooden floors. In combination with our specially designed aluminium double beam sub-structure the elasticity and deflection is equal over the whole of the surface. Glass normally has a flat, shiny and slippery surface. By applying a special treatment to the floor surface we achieved very low light reflection values. There are no hotspots or direct reflections visible on the floor surface. Therefore the player does not get distracted by reflections or blinded by reflecting light. The surface looks very uniform and low key with the main focus on the players. The friction on the glass is controlled by burnt-in ceramic dots. The quantity and size of these dots has been adjusted to meet the friction values of traditional sports floors. The surface we created provides the right anti-slip protection but will not hurt when players dive for a ball.



Made from glass, ceramic and aluminium the floor has a very, very high life expectancy. All these materials are known for their toughness, resistance against climate, corrosion and age. After 2.5 years of daily testing and use in a busy school gym there is no sign of usage or wear and tear on the floor surface or the LED marking lines. The colour of the floor surface is determined by a coloured foil applied to the bottom side of the floor. This foil will never be touched and can therefore not wear off. If required the foil on the glass panels can be changed any time to suit the new style after a renovation or just for a change.


For professional tournaments it is a given that only the required lines are painted onto the floor. All other lines are only a distraction. Individual lines look professional and much better than the mix of many different sports. Especially when they glow. It is however not only the different line markings that make the difference, also having a large room that has a beautiful floor surface without marking lines and the distinct look of a sports hall brings advantages. The hall can be used for public functions, tournament galas or dinners, award ceremonies and many other events.


The floor has already been tested by some professionals. The feedback has been great. Especially the Badminton Players are totally stunned by the floor and want to get this amazing new surface into the professional game as soon as possible.

Nicole Grether (German Olympic ahtlete) said: "The GlassFloor is the best floor I have ever played on. Smooth moving, great grip, a fantastic spring and I have never seen myself jumping so high. It is definitely a special floor and it looks awesome. I can’t wait to play on it again."

Charmaine Reid (Canadian Olympic athlete and Panamarican games Goldmedalist) was impressed too: "I have played on many different floors and the glassfloor feels by far the best. Truly amazing, feels great and looks great too."

We aim to get more and more players to give us feedback in the future. We’ll keep you posted.

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