BT Sports Studio

ASB GlassFloor in the all new BT Sport TV studio in London. Different line configurations for live sport broadcasting.

Tv studio tour

BT Sport's Caroline De Moraes interrupts rehearsals in the new BT Sport studios to give you a closer look at the interactive GlassFloor, before she's swiftly asked to leave.

Bounce Test

One of the most frequently asked questions about the floor is how the ball bounce compares to a traditional wooden sports floor. So we went and made a video to show the comparison.

Product Video

The ASB GlassFloor project "Lucio" is a 500m2 sports floor with changing marking lines. The video focuses on the properties of the floor and feedback from professionals.

Marking Lines

This is a real time preview of how different sports are selected on a touchscreen and the marking lines for the chosen sport are displayed on the sports floor.

Sports Awards

ASB as Sponsor for the Bavarian Sports Awards. The video shows the portable glassfloor display. There has also been a stunning performance of five breakdancers live on the ASB GlassFloor.

U21 World Cup

This is a nice clip from the WSF under 21 World Cup in Chennai, showing an emotional moment when India won against 3rd seed France. The clip shows the moment when Ramit Tandon whine after a No Let decition. It shows the ASB GlassFloor and the use of the ASB TopSquash referee System very well.

The Origins

This slideshow shows pictures from the first glass floor at the ASB Headquarters, many squash tournaments where the glass floor has been used and finally the first project where the ASB GlassFloor has been used as a multi sports floor with changeable led lines.