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Where Innovation Meets Sporting Excellence

Experience the revolution in sports with ASB GlassFloor – the world's most advanced and versatile flooring system. Tailored to every sport, every event, every vision.

Media Kit

Media Kit

Browse our media kit to learn how we combine years of experience with the power of technologies to impact sports.

Certified for Professional Sports

The ASB GlassFloor products are certified for the highest level of competitions by the International Basketball Federation, International Handball Federation, International Volleyball Federation, and exceed all performance criteria such as absorption, ball rebound, slip resistance, friction test.

Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media

Since our inception in 1965, ASB GlassFloor has been an embodiment of innovation and sustainable design. Our journey began with revolutionizing the squash sport and has led us to become the creators of the world's most modern flooring system.

ASB GlassFloor is not just a flooring system. It is a versatile, multi-functional solution that redefines the boundaries of design and technology. Our award-winning LumiFlex floor, the world's first full video floor, offers unlimited advertising opportunities, player tracking, and enhanced show staging, making it the preferred choice of decision-makers in the sports industry, architects, consultants, engineers, and athletes alike.

Our core philosophy is to combine the rigorous quality assurance and design requirements of German Engineering with the spirit of visionary pioneers and innovators. We never stop developing and improving our product, driven by a passion for the materials we use, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

German Innovation Award

ASB's LumiFlex floor was a Gold Winner at the German Innovation Awards for its user orientation and added value for sporting events, trade shows, and other events.

Sports Business Award

The LumiFlex floor received the Silver award in the „Sports Innovation Award“ category at the Sports Business Awards and was praised for its innovative tracking features and continuous development.

European Product Design Award

The multifunctional LumiFlex floor was awarded Gold in the „Event Supplies“ category at the Product Design Awards for its revolutionary application and versatile entertainment options that offer guests an exceptional experience.

Partners and Customers

A proven track record of excellence — trusted collaborations with leaders.

The most advanced sports flooring systems

ASB GlassFloor introduces two game-changing innovations: the ASB MultiSports and ASB LumiFlex flooring systems, both designed with the vision of futureproofing sports and event spaces.

ASB MultiSports

ASB MultiSports is certified for professional sports and eliminates the confusion caused by conventional lines on the floor. The ASB MultiSports features customizable LED game lines activated via a touchscreen, allowing effortless transitions between various sports and activities. Its ceramic-dotted surface offers excellent grip and elasticity, exceeding that of conventional wooden sports floors. Designed for longevity, this floor system is built from tough, durable materials like glass and aluminium, boasting a life expectancy of 70 years.

  • No more confusing lines, just the court you need via touchscreen 
  • Any shape possible, perfect for autistic children and adults who find shapes more comprehensible than lines
  • Perfect training solution for professional teams and recreational activities
  • Ideal solution for high frequented halls in terms of events

ASB LumiFlex

Experience the extraordinary with the ASB LumiFlex, a cutting-edge solution that transforms any space into a captivating visual spectacle. The ASB LumiFlex floor is a full video floor, turning the entire space into a multi-functional venue and therefore, making it the perfect choice for sports arenas, concerts, retail spaces, and trade shows. Its design enables live tracking and interactive displays for player's names, statistics, and more, enhancing both training and viewer experience. 

  • Takes fan engagement and fan experience to a new level
  • Unique sponsorship opportunities
  • Inspiring digital brand activations
  • Unique experience for players and spectators
  • Increase revenue stream
Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media

FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup

ASB LumiFlex
In front of a live audience at the WiZink Center, home arena of Real Madrid basketball team, ASB GlassFloor astounded everyone with its breathtaking capabilities at an official basketball tournament.

Nike FootballX Arena in Berlin

ASB LumiFlex

The Nike FootballX Arena brought young footballers from across Europe together to play on our ASB LumiFlex, impressing legendary Brasilian Ronaldo, Thiago Alcântara, Mario Gomez and spectators with its unique glass surface and visual effects.

Oxford University

ASB MultiSports

The University of Oxford installed the ASB MultiSports floor in their Acer Nethercott Sports Hall, introducing a modern and futuristic ambiance with its custom colored GlassFloor and crisp white line markings.

On Your Marks

ASB MultiSports
OYM high-tech sports center in Switzerland achieved athletic excellence with an ASB MultiSports floor, delivering optimal training conditions over 15,000 sq ft and meeting professional sports standards for a high-tech area-elastic sports floor.


ASB MultiSports

The FUZED, a gaming training facility that aligns gaming and sports like no other, is a project realized in cooperation with the city of Helsingborg. The ASB GlassFloor seamlessly integrates with the state-of-the-art technology to create a unique and visually stunning environment for physical activities and esports.

Joko & Klaas vs. Pro7

ASB LumiFlex
One of Germany's most renowned TV shows since 2013, where the ASB LumiFlex floor took center stage, offering a unique and visually impressive setting for an unforgettable season of the show.

Court 16

ASB MultiSports

The groundbreaking New York tennis club revolutionised the game as the first in the US to feature ASB GlassFloor across its modern 11,000 sq foot facility, offering customizable marking lines and maximum cushioning on USTA-approved courts.

Private Client

ASB MultiSports

A state-of-the-art ASB MultiSports floor was installed in a private estate in London, offering a stunning visual aesthetic and the capacity to accommodate five different sports​.


Here at Oxford University, we are always proud to show off our ASB GlassFloor to visiting teams and those who just want to have a look! We are really impressed with the adaptability and performance of the floor; the ability to just have the lines showing the desired sport takes our competition and training to a higher level. In the future, we look forward to upgrading our other wooden floored sports hall to ASB GlassFloor.
Richard Taylor, General Manager, Oxford University
We at 3X3 UNITES thoroughly enjoyed working with ASB so far. The floor features fantastic possibilities for turning events in the biggest Urban Sport in the world into something even more exciting. We collaborated with a renowned Vjane for our 3X3 PRO League and really took the show to another level thanks to the LumiFlex floors capabilities; the pro basketball players loved every minute on this innovative floor too and we all can’t wait for the next event!
Mark Schuurman, Co-Founder 3x3 unites
Interaction before the games, the video and all that stuff… our sport needs to be exciting and this is… I think a really good solution to get the crowd excited to watch…and I’m excited to see how this develops more and more.
Benjamin Patch, American Volleyball Player

ASB GlassCourt OS

With its advanced athlete training and coaching capabilities, the ASB GlassCourt OS revolutionizes the way athletes are trained.

Most Advanced Training Ecosystem

Real and Dynamic Virtual Environments

Stats and Performance Tracking

Multi-sport Training Modules