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ASB GlassFloor digitizes shopping experience at “FC Bayern World”

The FC Bayern Munich fans can finally enjoy the new flagship fan store in the heart of Munich to the full. According to CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the “FC Bayern World” is a “milestone in the history of FC Bayern”. And ASB GlassFloor has also contributed to this.

A particular attraction within the new seven-storey fan shop in the heart of Munich is the new skills.lab-Cube by the Austrian company Anton Paar SportsTec GmbH. The hardware used in the skills.lab-Cube comes from ASB GlassFloor. This enclosed cage is equipped with one-metre-high LED bands made of glass on all sides which represent a 360° target. The task for ASB GlassFloor was to install high-quality technology, coupled with a digital tracking system, so sturdily that hundreds of fans can kick a football against it to their heart’s content any day.

ASB’s novel LED walls, which can easily withstand even the toughest clamping shot, coupled with precise laser tracking and a sophisticated software solution by skills.lab, have met and exceeded FC Bayern Munich’s expectations to the full.

The first Cube of the cooperation, namely the combination of glass, high-tech and sport, can now be seen and experienced at the “FC Bayern World”. Now, anyone who wants to buy a new pair of football shoes can try them out immediately and subject their chosen footwear to a real endurance test.

Targets are displayed on the walls which the shooter then has to hit with the ball. The lasers determine the exact point of impact and visualise it in real time on the board. The more precisely the point of impact of the ball matches the target, the more points the player is credited; coupled with a limited playing time, fans can thus engage in sporting competitions while they shop.

ASB GlassFloor is known for its innovations in glass, its know-how in LED technology and its sustainable design in the world of sport. The company is an important development partner of the leading squash world associations. Decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the high-quality materials used are incorporated into the most advanced sports flooring system currently available on the market.

Particularly in the construction of modern multifunctional halls, the properties of this unique glass sports floor ensure that operators can organise their sports facilities profitably and make sure that sports clubs not only have an exceptional playing surface, but also entirely new marketing possibilities.

ASB MultiSports

“ASB MultiSports” is the most sold sports flooring model by ASB GlassFloor. It is FIBA accredited, licensed for Handball Bundesliga and meets the requirements of the European norm EN 14904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. As opposed to the full LED video floor “ASB LumiFlex”, the LED game lines are pre-defined by the customer. Via touchscreen, a professional sports field for any kind of sport is switched on and off. This way portable floors for the respective kinds of sports become redundant. And when the game lines are switched off, the surface can be used for multiple other applications such as e.g. an exhibition area, event venue, for concerts and more.

Due to its characteristics, “ASB MultiSports” offers perfect joint-friendly conditions for the athlete. Burned-in ceramic dots on the glass surface provide ideal grip just like a regular sports floor. Furthermore, “ASB MultiSports” is more elastic than most wooden sports floors. And since the special surface does not show reflections, the players are neither distracted nor dazzled. The glass floor has a life expectancy of 70 years and the LEDs of minimum 50.000 hours. ASB has made it their goal to build a floor that outlives the rest of a building.

ASB GlassFloor

ASB, short for Aluminium SystemBau, was founded in the Bavarian town Stein an der Traun in 1965 by Horst Babinsky. Today, his son Christof Babinsky is in charge of the 30-employee company. In the sporting world, ASB GlassFloor is known for its innovations and sustainable design. ASB is an important development partner for the leading international squash associations. As the world’s leading squash court supplier, ASB is thoroughly familiar with everything that is expected from a top-quality sports venue. Year-long expertise and profound knowledge of the materials used all went into the development of the most modern sports flooring system available on the market. ASB GlassFloor has customers in over 70 countries and has installed over 30 glass floors worldwide.