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Crafting the Future with Innovations Beyond Glass

Welcome to ASB Architectural, where innovation meets design. We pioneer extraordinary installations that revolutionize architectural norms, exceeding expectations, and pushing boundaries.

Transforming Spaces, Innovating Experiences

 ASB Architectural is fueled by the innovative spirit of the ASB GlassFloor team and Christof Babinsky, a visionary with a knack for blending technology and design.

Our specialized team is dedicated to realizing complex, unique projects that transform spaces and redefine experiences. Explore a myriad of our awe-inspiring creations, each embodying the marriage of art and technology, showcasing an incredible blend of craftsmanship and innovation.

From LED and glass installations to futuristic architectural solutions, ASB Architectural is your partner in crafting spaces that not only serve a functional purpose but also provide a platform for visual and interactive art. Transform your space with ASB Architectural, and experience the future of architecture and design.


Digital Wallpaper at Art Exhibitions in the Biennale

At the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023, Christof Babinsky together with ASB GlassFloor showcased how art exhibitions can innovate and create memorable experiences with Digital Wallpaper, a high-resolution LED surface installation.

Digital Wallpaper

This innovative architectural project demonstrates the transformation of public spaces in an instant. Our "DigitalWallpaper" allows spaces to change daily, promoting human interaction and emotional reactions. Our radical technology-based approach focuses on integrating digital hardware into spatial design rather than on conventional screen usage.

21h40 LED Swimming Pool

In collaboration with POOLOOP, we've introduced the '21h40', a swimming pool equipped with a fully multimedia capable LED video floor. It promises a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, enabling guests to swim alongside dolphins, dive with sharks, or plunge into a volcano's heart, all from the comfort of their backyard.

Nautilus Glass Hot Tub

Dive into luxury with the world's first all-glass hot tub. Crafted with safety glass, Nautilus offers unrivaled customization options and seamlessly blends with its surroundings, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to any space.

Deep Lumen

An unprecedented installation by artist Marc Gumpinger and entrepreneur Christof Babinsky. DeepLumen uses LED screens in architecture to create natural ambiance. It's a 3m x 6m cube designed from specialty glass, with over 800,000 LEDs behind opaque glass. The reflective walls provide an abstract and immersive environment, with the glass properties enabling outside viewing.

Microsoft Dublin HQ

ASB GlassFloor designed this special construction with a pixel pitch of 25 mm, blending harmoniously with the architecture of the building. The 80 m² floor surface is equipped with LED video elements and covered with patented glass to minimize reflection. The finished installation gives an impression of a flowing water surface that can be easily controlled via HDMI interface.

Dell Cube

ASB designed a cube without metal posts for Dell. The glass walls served as a projection screen visible from inside and outside, allowing Dell employees to use the screens as whiteboards during brainstorming sessions.


A stunning LED installation by ASB Architectural and Marc Gumpinger, was a highlight of ORGATEC 2018. The display, a mesmerizing cube filled with 800,000 LEDs, transcended traditional advertising to create a near-natural ambiance. As a milestone for ASB Architectural, DeepLumen sparked conversations about the extensive possibilities of integrating LED technology into our daily lives.

Luxury Sauna

We reimagined the spa experience at the BallsportARENA in Dresden using our innovative ASB GlassFloor. Built to withstand spa conditions, the floor creates a unique illusion of walking on large river stones, transporting you closer to nature while ensuring your safety and comfort. As our CEO, Christof Babinsky, emphasizes, the use of our ASB GlassFloor in spa environments not only adds visual appeal with minimal effort, but also provides practical benefits. It's non-slip, easy to clean, and unfazed by water or moisture – an innovative solution in a competitive market.

Poker Cube

Experience high-stakes poker like never before in our revolutionary "Poker Cube," an innovation driven by client inspiration. Crafted meticulously to balance the thrill of live audience engagement and player concentration, this soundproof cube is equipped with one-way vision glass that conceals the reactions of the crowd from the poker players. Engineered for convenience, the cube is flexible and can be constructed either as a 4.5 m x 4.5 m x 4 m or 6 m x 6 m x 6 m space, suitable for larger events. With portability as a design cornerstone, every component, including the state-of-the-art LED lights, is effortless to install in various locations. The Poker Cube offers an unprecedented blend of excitement and serenity, redefining the poker experience.