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ASB MultiSports

Beyond a modern sports floor, the ASB MultiSports seamlessly integrates cutting-edge touchscreen capabilities, allowing an instant transformation to different professional playing fields. Switching off the lines transforms the space into an expo floor or special events space. 


The ASB MultiSports floor is certified for professional sports and eliminates the confusion caused by conventional lines on the floor.
The ASB MultiSports features customisable LED game lines activated via touchscreen. The lines can be turned off for special events.
The patented ceramic-dotted surface offers excellent grip and elasticity, exceeding that of conventional wooden sports floors. Falling or sliding on the floor does not cause friction burns. The floor does not emit harmful vapors and is odorless.
The floor system is built from tough, durable materials like glass and aluminium, boasting a life expectancy of 70 years. Even after many years, the surface retains its original quality without visible signs of wear.
It does not need extra coverings for events as street shoes, liquids and stage constructions pose no challenge for the floor. Unlike wooden floors, there is no need to resurface the floor. Cleaning requires less effort than a conventional floor.

The University of Oxford

ASB MultiSports

The University of Oxford installed the ASB MultiSports in their Acer Nethercott Sports Hall, introducing a modern and futuristic ambiance with its custom coloured GlassFloor and crisp white line markings.

Multipurpose floor system without compromises

The ASB MultiSports is not an ordinary indoor floor. It is a system without compromise, designed to maximise performance in every area. Its unique surface made of glass, combined with the aluminium substructure, creates the best conditions for unprecedented qualities in indoor sports.


ASB MultiSports

OYM high-tech sports centre in Switzerland achieved athletic excellence with an ASB MultiSports, delivering optimal training conditions over 15,000 sq ft and meeting professional sports standards for a high-tech area-elastic sports floor.

Certified for Professional Sports

The ASB GlassFloor products are certified for the highest level of competitions by the International Basketball Federation, International Handball Federation, International Volleyball Federation, and exceed all performance criteria such as absorption, ball rebound, slip resistance, and friction test.

Court 16

ASB MultiSports

The groundbreaking New York tennis club revolutionised the game as the first in the US to feature ASB GlassFloor across its modern 11,000 sq foot facility, offering customizable marking lines and maximum cushioning on USTA-approved courts.

One Sports Floor – Many Possibilities

Whether used as a sports floor for professional sports or as a multipurpose floor in public halls, the ASB MultiSports inspires users and facility operators alike.

The floor not only provides significant benefits for athletes due to its joint-friendly properties, but also enables the practice of parasports. The embedded ceramic dots in the glass surface offer the right grip and reduce the risk of injuries.

All LED marking lines can be easily turned on or off, and modified according to the sport and occasion via a touchscreen. This puts an end to the confusion caused by too many lines and difficulties in orientation.

Is Glass Better? Definitely!

The floor is made of tempered safety glass and can withstand enormous forces. The glass undergoes several special treatments to achieve the ideal elasticity, slip resistance and light reflection.

In terms of deflection and friction, the ASB MultiSports achieves equal or better than a conventional floor: This is because the glass is significantly more elastic than a comparable hardwood plank under human weight.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Due to its special surface, the floor is durable, easy to maintain, and robust. It does not need extra coverings for events as street shoes, liquids and stage constructions pose no challenge for the floor. Cleaning requires less effort than a conventional floor. The same treatment that ensures the matt reflection of the surface also makes scratches invisible. Even after many years, the surface retains its original quality without visible signs of wear.

Private Client

ASB MultiSports

A state-of-the-art ASB MultiSports floor was installed in a private estate in London, offering a stunning visual aesthetic and the capacity to accommodate five different sports​.


ASB MultiSports

The FUZED, a gaming training facility that aligns gaming and sports like no other, is a project realised in cooperation with the city of Helsingborg. The ASB GlassFloor seamlessly integrates with the state-of-the-art technology to create a unique and visually stunning environment for physical activities and esports.


OYM offers elite sport new possibilities and sets new standards. Since 2020, OYM offers athletes Athletic Training, Athlete Health Management, Nutrition and Research and Development as a service to reach their individual potential. This with highly specialized infrastructure to practice the four OYM core competencies. The ASB Glass Floor provides the perfect conditions for OYM where several sports are practised as the playing lines can be switched on or off, depending on the sport, by LED underfloor lighting.
Thomas Iten - CEO OYM AG
Here at Oxford University, we are always proud to show off our ASB GlassFloor tovisiting teams and those who just want to have a look! We are really impressed with the adaptability and performance of the floor; the ability to just have the lines showing the desired sport takes our competition and training to a higher level. In the future, we look forward to upgrading our other wooden floored sports hall to ASB GlassFloor
Richard Taylor - General Manager, Oxford University Sport
Court 16 Long Island City is the first facility in the US to feature customized, multi- functional tennis courts by ASB GlassFloor. The advanced flooring design, incorpo- rating ASB GlassFloor LED lines, allows for multiple personalized training zones and court configurations which are sanctioned by the USTA. The system aligns perfectly with Court 16‘s concept of tailoring tennis to a wide range of age and skill sets. The highly shock absorbing surface helps reduce the risk of injury, providing the safest, most comfortable surface for children‘s fast-growing joints and creates the ideal platform for coaches and players of all ages to play
Anthony Ecrard - Founder and CEO, Court 16-Tennis Remixed
Due to its multi-functionality, the ASB GlassFloor has multiple advantages compared to a regular hardwood floor. Especially when hosting Handball national league games in Dresden, the floor shows what it can do. The players entry onto the field alone, with the lights out and only the lines shining bright, is an always a highlight for players and audience alike. The modern floor as well as the overall multi-functionality enable us to host different events all in one day. Due to this and the general appeal of the glass floor we are practically always booked out.
Frank Lösche - CEO, BallsportARENA Dresden