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Court 16

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Court 16 in Long Island City

13-06 Queens Plaza South Long Island City, New York 11101

In the heart of Long Island City, a significant transformation unfolded in the world of tennis - introducing the future through the lens of Court 16. The New York-based tennis club emerged as the first and exclusive club in the United States to pioneer the use of ASB GlassFloor and its customizable LED-illuminated marking lines.

Recognizing the essence of safety and physical comfort in the game, Court 16 choose ASB GlassFloor renowned for its unique elasticity. Our innovative flooring provides unrivaled cushioning and rebound value, enhancing the tennis experience for both children and adults. The journey of Court 16 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of tennis court design and functionality.

Technical Information

Light Grey
663,7 m²
Build up
120 mm
27,2 m
24,4 m
DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04)
EN 14904
Line Markings
ca. 550 m
Pieces of Glass
Installation Time
15 days
Method of installation
Preassembled with height adjustable sub floor
Tennis, Pickleball

The Story Behind

Court 16 in Long Island City, NY, embarked on a visionary journey to transform the landscape of tennis. It became the first club in the United States to revolutionize its tennis courts with ASB GlassFloor’s customizable LED-illuminated marking lines. Tailoring the game to meet the specific needs of players of all age groups and skill levels, it was important for Court 16 to have a variety of court sizes. The 11,000 square-foot facility houses three 30-foot courts for beginners, four USTA-sanctioned 36-foot courts for older children, and two USTA-approved 60-foot courts for advanced players.

But the journey didn't stop at variety; Court 16 also aimed to maximize the safety and performance of its players. The ASB GlassFloor, known for its unique elasticity, was installed to provide a playing surface that offers optimal cushioning and rebound value, catering to both kids and adults alike.


This project wasn't just about technological advancement, it was a venture to enhance the tennis experience altogether. The LED-illuminated courts not only facilitate diverse game configurations but also allow for custom training programs aimed at deconstructing the game and building muscle memory.

Court 16 stands today as a pioneering institution in the world of tennis, a testament to the possibilities of technology and innovation in enhancing sport, with its story rooted in the pursuit of exceptional sporting experience. The journey of Court 16 and ASB GlassFloor represents a beautiful blend of tradition, innovation, and dedication to sportsmanship.

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