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Taking Swiss Sports to New Heights: The ASB GlassFloor MultiSports Experience at OYM

The idea behind OYM is to provide athletes with the best wholesome training opportunities possible, so they can focus on their athletic performance, all in one place and without any distractions. Naturally, our ASB MultiSport was the perfect fit for such a facility.

The Story Behind

The inception of the state-of-the-art OYM high-performance sports centre, located near Zurich, marks a significant milestone in the world of athletics. Fueled by a vision to redefine Swiss sports, OYM sought to establish perfect training conditions for athletes. At the heart of this vision was an essential element: the sports flooring. ASB GlassFloor, renowned for its exceptional glass innovation, was chosen for its technologically advanced and sustainable MultiSports floor model. This cutting-edge flooring system is capable of transforming the hall into diverse sporting arenas with a simple touch, making the chaos of overlapping game lines a thing of the past. The culmination of this project not only set new standards for sports facilities but also solidified ASB GlassFloor's position as a leader in sustainable sports flooring innovation. This collaboration with OYM has become a shining beacon in ASB GlassFloor's journey.

Technical Information

Light blue
699.5 m²
35 m
20 m
Build up
100 – 150 mm (levelling was necessary)
DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04)
EN 14904
Line Markings
1.285 m
Floor Modules
Approx. 120
Installation Time
Approx. 6 weeks
Method of Installation
Preassembled with height adjustable sub floor
Sport Lines
Futsal, Handball, Netball, Volleyball, Badminton, Korfball, Dodgeball, Football, Basketball