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ASB GlassFloor celebrates a stunning world premiere at BMW Park

First league game in the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga: ASB GlassFloor celebrates a stunning world premiere at BMW Park.

At the league opener between FC Bayern Basketball and SYNTAINICS MBC on September 29, 2023, an official first league basketball game was played for the first time on ASB GlassFloor’s high-tech glass video sports surface.

After ASB GlassFloor thrilled players, fans, and officials alike a few weeks earlier at the U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Madrid, the high-tech glass video sports floor was now utilized for the first time in a league match. It made a significant contribution to an unforgettable reception for the three German world champions Andreas Obst, Niels Giffey, and Isaac Bonga, giving the spectators in particular goosebumps.

In combination with the specially developed application “GlassCourt OS,” the ASB GlassFloor provided a unique visual experience during the game with unprecedented animations following dunks, three-point shots, or converted free throws, demonstrating its full entertainment and advertising potential, especially during the run-in show, the half-time break, or during the game interruptions. It has been a long time since the astonished German sports audience was presented with such an innovation, which will revolutionize indoor sports.

For all its power to entertain, the greatest achievement of the ASB GlassFloor is that it makes it much easier for the players to play in many respects. Its elasticity is gentler on the joints, and the ceramic dots built into the glass not only offer an excellent grip but also prevent skin burns. Slippery floor stickers are also a thing of the past, as they are now digitally solved.

And so, just as in the weeks before with the women’s basketball players during the World Cup in Madrid, the players’ feedback was universally positive. From Germany now comes not only the world champion but also a basketball innovation that will revolutionize the sport. “This is next level, what you can play there,” says Stefan Holz, the managing director of the Bundesliga (BBL), who believes the technology is simply “remarkable.”

And it’s entirely conceivable that the world premiere in Munich could lead to other high-profile matches. Christof Babinsky, Managing Director of ASB GlassFloor, envisions that all Bundesliga locations could play on such a surface. A corresponding financing model has been under consideration for some time. Babinsky says, “Our plan is to provide this surface to all 18 Bundesliga clubs. We know how to work on that.”

Christof Babinsky (Managing Director ASB GlassFloor) expresses his pride in the triple Bavarian cooperation between FC Bayern, BMW, and ASB GlassFloor, creating an innovative and high-performance team. Essentially, they came to basketball to stay, and their plan is to make this surface available to all 18 Bundesliga clubs. They are confident in their ability to make this happen.