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ASB GlassFloor Unveils GlassCourt OS: The System That Connects Sport, Performance Technology and Fan Engagement

Stein a.d. Traun, 22.07.23 – During the FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Madrid, ASB GlassFloor unveiled the groundbreaking GlassCourt OS, a new venture created in partnership with dandelion + burdock and Rapati Studio.

GlassCourt OS is a visionary tool for taking indoor sport further into the 21st century. The combination with ASB GlassFloor brings live viewership to the next level, whilst being able to enhance performance of professional teams and young players alike. The OS is an embodiment of our future vision of athletic technology. Software that places the core values of sport at the centre whilst elevating it with relevant technologies, media and entertainment wherever they can add value.

Add Dimension to the Game with Interactive Innovation

GlassCourt OS is an interactive software solution designed to seamlessly integrate data from various 3rd parties, including player and ball tracking systems, sports and health data platforms, and coaching applications. The software acts as a central hub, capable of processing real-time data and transforming it into visually stunning and informational graphics, displayed directly on the glass sports floor. GlassCourt OS seamlessly integrates and synchronises the ASB GlassFloor with LED boards and video cubes, providing real- time, contextual overlays that inform spectator, athlete or coach. The result is an unprecedented level of engagement and value for athletes, clubs, associations, sponsors, and, most importantly, fans.

The Future of Sport Marketing

The combination of GlassCourt OS and ASB GlassFloor presents endless marketing opportunities via the interactive LED canvas. Sponsorship placements can change dynamically, interactive half-time shows can heighten fan engagement and augmented reality can create viral moments. The GlassCourt OS ensures sponsors and advertisers enjoy unparalleled visibility, capturing the attention of both live spectators and TV viewers.

The newly developed tool combines emotional storytelling based on real athletes’ performance, providing superior training applications as well as entertainment modules that invite fan engagement at every level. At the same time, if not in game mode, it can be the most advanced coaching tool in the world as it uses player tracking for real-time feedback.

Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media
Source: FIBA Media
Image Credit: FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2023 images courtesy of FIBA Media. Used in accordance with FIBA’s terms and conditions.