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FC Bayern Basketball plays on the ASB GlassFloor for the Bundesliga kick-off

After the FIBA U19 Women’s World Championship in July in Madrid, the Bavarian company ASB GlassFloor is making the next big statement in basketball. The Bundesliga kick-off game between FC Bayern Munich Basketball and Mitteldeutscher BC (Friday, September 29, 8:00 PM) at the Munich BMW Park will also be played on an ASB GlassFloor, a high-tech glass video floor. This marks a world premiere for the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga: it’s the first time a top-tier league game is being played on an ASB GlassFloor.

“It’s fantastic that shortly after the U19 Women’s World Championship, we now have the men in the BBL playing an official game on our ASB GlassFloor. This demonstrates the trust in our glass floor. I’m also proud of the triple Bavarian cooperation between FC Bayern, BMW, and ASB GlassFloor. Together, we are sending a very innovative and high-performance team into the competition. Innovation made and lived in Bavaria,” says ASB GlassFloor Managing Director Christof Babinsky.

The catalyst for this development was the decision by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in the fall of 2022 to approve the use of LED glass floors in Level 1 competitions, alongside traditional hardwood floors. Since then, ASB GlassFloor has been recognized as the official playing surface in the Basketball Bundesliga. In July 2023, the first-ever World Championship was held on an ASB GlassFloor in Madrid and left everyone impressed. Establishing a glass floor as an equal playing surface alongside hardwood is nothing less than a revolution in the basketball world.

“We are thrilled with the commitment of our partner BMW, who is making this spectacular event possible,” says FCBB General Manager Marko Pesic on the club’s website. “I have known about this technological innovation for a while, and I can only say to our fans: come and see it, come to the arena, because this will be unique! Once again, a big thank you to BMW for presenting this highlight to our fans. Our players, who got a first impression of this promising court technology at our successful Meet & Greet in the BMW World last week, will also be excited.”

Real-time data processing opens new dimensions in sports

The ASB GlassFloor offers entirely new perspectives for indoor sports, which can play a crucial role, especially for Olympic relevance in the future. The application “GlassCourt OS” was specifically developed for the video floor. This interactive software seamlessly integrates and synchronizes the ASB GlassFloor with LED boards and video cubes, providing real-time and context-specific overlays that inform spectators, athletes, or coaches. The result is an unprecedented level of engagement and added value for athletes, clubs, associations, sponsors, and, most importantly, fans.

This digital innovation also creates new training possibilities. Real-time position data integrated into the playing field allows coaches to provide immediate feedback, such as opening or closing passing lanes, improving the efficiency of basketball training and accelerating the players’ learning curve.

Furthermore, the glass floor is a significant benefit for athletes. Its elasticity protects the ankles, and small, grippy ceramic points on the surface prevent skin burns upon falling. The floor is also perfect for wheelchair sports. Amidst all this innovation, the focus remains on sports. “In everything we do, the safety and well-being of athletes are at the center of our actions,” says Babinsky.

About ASB GlassFloor

ASB, short for Aluminium Systembau, was founded in 1965 as an interior construction company. Since 1976, ASB has been increasingly known for its innovations and sustainable designs in the world of sports. What began with the revolutionization of squash has now become ASB GlassFloor, one of the most advanced sports hall floors in the world, redefining the boundaries of design and technology. ASB GlassFloor offers unique solutions for glass sports floors with LED technology and is certified for professional sports use by several associations, including FIBA for Competition Level 1.