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ASB at Frame Awards, ISPO and SPOBIS 2020

Between the 19th and 20th of February, ASB presented its latest architectural project, “ASB DigitalWallpaper”. The installation demonstrates how public spaces can change their purpose at an instant. The visitor is submerged in a very different emotional environment each time he/she passes the space, although the physical environment does not change.

With digital installations like ASB’s “DigitalWallpaper” at its centre, spatial design can easily incorporate the human need for change on a daily basis. Digital installations at the heart of design concepts allow for true multi-purpose spaces, that encourage human interaction and can inflict emotional reactions.

ASB Architectural focuses on the creation of such spaces by applying a radical approach to technology. Rather than using screens to convey written information or advertising messages, the focus is on integrating digital hardware in spatial design. The human eye or touch is never directly exposed to LED screens, but to a glass surface; a tangible screen which meets all requirements for interior applications in high-end environments.

ASB at ISPO 2020 

After having such a great time at ISPO 2019, we went back to ISPO 2020, taking place at the Messe München in January. For this years’ ISPO, we set up a 168 sqm LumiFlex floor as our main attraction. Uni-Liga Deutschland organized street soccer games on our floor and guests had the chance to take part in one-on-one games with the talented German goalkeeper Kim Sippel, who was part of the German National Team winning the “Socca World Championship” in 2018.

Plus, we presented the augmented reality game HADO to the public – a new and exciting game from Asia. Imagine it as a kind of Dodgeball game, played in front of portable graffiti walls with VR goggles and wristband trackers, involving lots of crazy moves to dodge imaginary balls.

ASB at SPOBIS 2020

At the end of January, we attended the SPOBIS 2020 in Düsseldorf, one of the largest sports business industry events in Europe.

Together with the Volleyball Bundesliga, Christof was part of a panel discussion on the topic of ‘Multi-functional opportunities: new technology for Indoor Sports’. The talk also revolved around the comdirect Supercup 2019, the first professional competition held on an interactive floor, our ASB LumiFlex. The competition was a great success for players and the audience alike, thus resolving doubts about professional sports on LED floors – for an insight into this happening, make sure you stop by our YouTube channel and watch the recap video there!