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Centre Court made of glass by ASB GlassFloor fascinates during Ruhr Games 21

Whether at the festive opening ceremony, during artistic performances or various sporting events: at the “Ruhr Games 21” in Bochum, ASB GlassFloor once again showed all its versatility with its glass sports floor and inspired guests and participants alike. The highlight was certainly the performance of Matthias Dandois, who was able to crown himself king of the BMX Flatland riders at the premiere of the UEC BMX Freestyle Flatland European Championship.

During the largest sport and culture festival for young people, where around 5,600 young athletes from all over Europe competed against each other in 240 top-class competitions, the full-LED video floor from ASB GlassFloor formed the centre court and the heart of the event. This is where the Ruhr Games were opened and closed, but in between, from 3rd to 6th June, a whole lot more sports events took place on the spectacular glass flooring system.

At the touch of a button, the appropriate image or perfect animation depending on the event, was sent to the system, which basically functions like a monitor in the floor, and thus provided the ideal emotional setting for the respective event.

“This floor is perfect. It’s amazing to see all that it can display. You’ve got one floor and can do so many different kinds of sports on it. And it is perfectly suitable for our sport, too.”, says Dandois. Normally, the BMX Flatland superstar shows his skills on asphalt. He was visibly thrilled about the driving experience during his first ride on glass.

But other athletes were also impressed by the “ASB LumiFlex”. During the 3×3 basketball tournament, for which the floor’s capabilities are perfectly suited, it provided the optimal support for great sport. “The glass floor feels really good and just looks stunning. It’s incredibly fun to play on”, says Shawn Gulley from the ART Giants Düsseldorf.

The ASB LumiFlex is a transportable glass sports floor and can be set up within one day. It can be rented up to an area of 216 sqm.

For entire sports halls, the glass floor is also available in a more favourable version. Here, only the lines predefined by LED are switched on and off. With this model, a wide variety of sports fields such as basketball, hockey, handball, badminton and volleyball can be displayed at the touch of a button, or even many small training fields. Only the lines that are really needed are displayed. Gone are the days of the big line confusion.

The highlight: both floors can be combined with each other so that videos can be played in a predefined section. This opens up completely new possibilities for marketing.

The certified sports floor is FIBA accredited, approved for the Handball Bundesliga and complies with the European standard EN 14 904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. Due to its elasticity and texture it offers perfect joint-protecting conditions for the health of the athlete.

When school sports, professional training, sporting events and cultural events often have to be accommodated in one and the same hall, this flexibility brings the decisive advantage. Due to its low-maintenance and robust nature, the floor is predestined for events of all kinds. After all it is made mainly of glass and aluminum. Stepping on it with street shoes is not a problem. And by the way, the glass floor is a true eye-pleaser visually, too.

ASB LumiFlex

The certified sports floor is FIBA accredited, licensed for Handball Bundesliga and meets the requirements of the European norm EN 14904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. Due to its characteristics, e.g. the burned in ceramic dots on the glass surface, it features ideal conditions for the athletes’ health. The premium version features 25’600 RGB LEDs incorporated in one square meter of flooring. These ensure that all lines and effects are nicely visible, even under daylight. Since the joint-friendly surface is water repellent and cannot be damaged through pointy or hard objects, the ASB LumiFlex is also perfectly suitable for concerts or other in- or outdoor events. It is extremely sturdy and easy to clean. As a full LED Video floor, it offers entirely new possibilities for application. Live tracking opens up new training options. Any logo, advertisement or film can be displayed via plug & play technology, which offers new advertising formats for companies and clubs. All of this and then some, makes ASB LumiFlex one of the most exciting innovations in sports. For more info, visit www.asbglassfloor.com/asb-lumiflex

ASB GlassFloor

ASB, short for Aluminium SystemBau, was founded in the Bavarian town Stein an der Traun in 1965 by Horst Babinsky. Today, his son Christof Babinsky is in charge of the 30-employee company. In the sporting world, ASB GlassFloor is known for its innovations and sustainable design. ASB is an important development partner for the leading international squash associations. As the world’s leading squash court supplier, ASB is thoroughly familiar with everything that is expected from a top-quality sports venue. Year-long expertise and profound knowledge of the materials used all went into the development of the most modern sports flooring system available on the market. ASB GlassFloor has customers in over 70 countries and has installed over 30 glass floors worldwide.