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ASB LumiFlex

FC Bayern Basketball

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Innovative Collaboration between ASB GlassFloor, FC Bayern Basketball and BMW Munich.

As FC Bayern celebrated their victory against Weißenfels, the 6,500 fans were treated to a dual spectacle – top-tier basketball and groundbreaking entertainment from ASB LumiFlex, our full LED sports video floor.

We've always believed in pushing the boundaries of innovation without compromises, and our recent project at BMW Park in Munich stands as a hallmark of this commitment. Our full LED product, the ASB LumiFlex, has been integrated seamlessly into the basketball arena, bringing a vivid amalgamation of technology, advertising and sportsmanship to life. This collaboration with FC Bayern Basketball and BMW Munich underscores our vision of transforming traditional sports surfaces into dynamic, multifunctional platforms. Beyond the captivating visuals and graphics that dance beneath the athletes' strides, the ASB LumiFlex also stands as a beacon of safety and versatility. This venture is a proud testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, where we bridge the gap between traditional sports and cutting-edge technology.

The Story Behind

Every groundbreaking innovation has its roots in a tale of ambition, collaboration, and foresight. For us at ASB GlassFloor, the journey towards crafting the ASB LumiFlex was no different. It began with a simple yet ambitious vision: to revolutionise indoor sports surfaces whilst ensuring optimum safety and versatility. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of technology and the steadfast spirit of sports, we embarked on a mission to redefine the boundaries of what a sports floor could achieve. Our collaboration with FC Bayern Basketball and BMW Munich was a match made in innovation heaven, each party bringing a unique strength to the table. Together, we dreamt big, faced challenges head-on, and meticulously refined our concepts until the ASB LumiFlex was born. More than just a product, it's our homage to the future of sports—a harmonious blend of tradition, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

Source: FIBA Media