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ASB LumiFlex

FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup

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Source: FIBA Media

Revolutionising the Future of Sports with FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup

The FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Madrid marked a significant leap in sports technology and presentation. Breaking away from the traditional flooring used since basketball’s inception in 1891, the games from the quarter-finals introduced the world to the future of modern sport floors and ASB LumiFlex. After years or rigorous research and development, certifications, and performance tests, this historic transformation was met with immense enthusiasm from players, coaches, fans, and FIBA representatives.

Source: FIBA Media

The Story Behind

Establishing a glass floor as an equal playing surface alongside parquet is nothing short of a revolution in the basketball world. FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis acknowledged the significance of the moment during the official presentation of ASB GlassFloor. “Today is a proud day for the International Basketball Federation and FIBA, which may also have changed the history of our sport to some extent. Basketball has essentially been played on wood since its invention in 1891 by James Naismith. So, moving away from the sacred wood was not an easy step. These days may have changed the history of the company, but perhaps also to some extent the history of our sport. This moment is historic.


Jorge Garbajosa, President of FIBA Europe, shared a similar sentiment: “I feel that basketball is changing. I mean, since this tournament, basketball will be different. I would even say that indoor sports will be different. Leagues, international competitions, and national team tournaments will surely take place on this highly attractive glass floor in a few years.”

Player Testimonials

Testimonials regarding the ASB LumiFlex from players at the FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup:
It's quite a special thing that FIBA decided to inaugurate this floor at a women's event and we're really grateful. At first, I thought the ball was going to 'sleep' when I bounced it, but it's good.
Elena Buenavida, Spain
Maybe the glass floor brought me some luck. I will need to ask my club to always play on this glass floor. I must say that I fell on my knees and strangely it didn’t hurt as normal. Maybe there was something magical in the floor and also it was really cool with the design and the animations.
Leila Lecan, France
It was an honor. Just like when you receive a gift. Bouncing the ball and the grip was like any court. It's amazing.
Haru Owaki, Japan
I expected it could be similar to a usual court and we really liked it. I am happy that we're the ones trying it first. It's something to tell the next generations about.
Dominika Paurova, Czech Republic
The grip is just as other basketball courts… I think this court has many possibilities to show many things during the timeouts and make the game more entertaining for the fans… It's a great example of innovation for the fans. It's great progress for women's basketball that the new floor is being used for the first time here.
Anaelle Dutat, France
It's really cool and also with it being in this arena with such a big capacity. The floor is so quiet - it's satisfying.
Chloe Kitts, USA