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FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup: Players Thrilled with ASB GlassFloor Innovation

Madrid, July 21, 2023 – The FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Madrid witnessed a historic moment that left spectators awe-struck. On this remarkable evening, players took to the court for the first time in an official World Cup match played on the revolutionary ASB GlassFloor, marking a significant leap forward in sports event presentation.

From the quarter-finals onwards, the matches were played on the cutting-edge ASB GlassFloor, which brought a new dimension to the tournament’s atmosphere. The response was overwhelming, with players and coaches raving about the world-premiere ASB GlassFloor experience, as reported by the International Basketball Federation, FIBA.

About a year ago, FIBA approved the use of ASB GlassFloor in level 1 competitions, and now, the international federation has taken it a step further. In front of a live audience at the WiZink Center, home arena of Real Madrid basketball team, ASB GlassFloor astounded everyone with its breathtaking capabilities.

The ASB GlassFloor introduced captivating visual effects that can transform every run-in and halftime show into a truly remarkable experience. Athletes and critical moments of the game can be highlighted with spectacular effects and statistics.

Although the full potential of ASB GlassFloor was not yet fully exploited during the FIBA U19 Women’s World Cup in Madrid, it has clearly demonstrated what the possibilities are for the future of sports. This historic event promises to leave a lasting impact on the sports world, setting a new standard for sports event presentation and enhancing the overall experience for athletes and fans alike.

The following testimonials regarding the ASB LumiFlex are sourced from an article on Fiba.basketball:

It’s quite a special thing that FIBA decided to inaugurate this floor at a women’s event and we’re really grateful. At first, I thought the ball was going to ‘sleep’ when I bounced it, but it’s good.

Elena Buenavida, Spain

Maybe the glass floor brought me some luck. I will need to ask my club to always play on this glass floor. I must say that I fell on my knees and strangely it didn’t hurt as normal. Maybe there was something magical in the floor and also it was really cool with the design and the animations.

Leila Lecan, France

It was an honor. Just like when you receive a gift. Bouncing the ball and the grip was like any court. It’s amazing.

Haru Owaki, Japan

Something revolutionary? It is indeed… This can bring the game to another level, making an even bigger fan experience.

Diakite Sory, Mali Head Coach

It’s really special. No one knew how it was going to be. There are all those colors. I never expected anything like this!

Joyce Edwards, USA

We feel very proud to be the chosen ones by FIBA. I thought it was going to be more like glass but it feels like a current basketball court. It’s really cool to live this experience!

Cassandre Prosper, Canada

It’s awesome FIBA has thought of this women’s basketball tournament to present it worldwide. Basketball is changing. It brings a whole new experience.

Julien Egloff, France Head Coach

I expected it could be similar to a usual court and we really liked it. I am happy that we’re the ones trying it first. It’s something to tell the next generations about.

Dominika Paurova, Czech Republic

I must say that everything FIBA does – it pleases me. I feel proud to be among the first ones to be playing on this court.

Maimouna Haidara, Mali

It’s really beautiful. We took videos, you could see the excitement. It was worth the wait. It exceeded expectations. This new concept brings basketball into a new era.

Joni Taylor, US Coach

The grip is just as other basketball courts… I think this court has many possibilities to show many things during the timeouts and make the game more entertaining for the fans… It’s a great example of innovation for the fans. It’s great progress for women’s basketball that the new floor is being used for the first time here.

Anaelle Dutat, France

It’s really cool and also with it being in this arena with such a big capacity. The floor is so quiet – it’s satisfying.

Chloe Kitts, USA