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How a digital sports floor made of glass revolutionizes arena concepts

Many cities yearn for a modern multifunctional arena, yet their implementation is quite the challenge. Largest sticking point: profitability. Competitions up to the 3rd league have to be staged in a way that is suitable for TV broadcasting. A suitable floor must be available for every type of sport. And when staging concerts or other events, another floor is required. The different portable floors are expensive, and set-up and conversion times laborious and long. And yet, there is a solution available: the digital sports floor made of glass, developed by the German company ASB GlassFloor.

More and more municipalities and private investors rely on the floor by the Bavarian company when building a sports hall. Sustainability, digitalization, new training- and marketing possibilities as well as enormous flexibility in the creation of the entire surface gives venue operators a whole lot of reasons to decide for the ASB MultiSports, which, due to its joint-friendly properties, offers even more added value for the athletes.

The floor is more expensive to purchase than a conventional hall floor, but this additional investment quickly pays for itself. The special feature: the lines are not permanently marked on the floor, but are incorporated underneath the glass surface as LED lines. Thus, at the touch of a button, a wide variety of sports game lines can be individually displayed, or many small training fields. Gone are the days of great line confusion.

When school sports, professional training, sporting events and cultural events often have to be accommodated in one hall, this flexibility brings a decisive advantage. The durability of an ASB GlassFloor is over 70 years, on which you can easily hold different events in one and the same day.

Managing Director Christof Babinsky explains: “An ASB GlassFloor costs considerably less than several portable sports floors. But what is more important is the time savings. More events can take place thanks to the elimination of conversion times. An ASB GlassFloor may add 1 to 2 per cent to the overall cost of the property, but at the same time it provides a 20 to 30 per cent increase in venue utilisation.”

With a 70-year lifespan, lower maintenance and cleaning costs, unrestricted use in all disability sports options, which allow operators to access additional funding pots, decisions are increasingly taken in favour of ASB GlassFloor. Especially since new possibilities for advertising and animation make refinancing easier.

The range of project sizes is diverse. In Switzerland, the OYM Performance Center, the most modern training centre in the world, was completed in 2020. In the BallsportARENA Dresden, the glass floor has already been in place for several years. But also an inclusion school in France relies on the qualities of the “ASB MultiSports”, which creates a clear environment for autistic athletes through the individual line configuration and offers tremendous added value. The certified sports floor is FIBA, ITF and IHF accredited, approved for the Handball Bundesliga and complies with the European standard EN 14 904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors.

The glass floor is also available in a full-LED version, where the entire surface is underlaid with LEDs that transform the playing field into a giant screen. For the first time, sport, entertainment and advertising are intertwined in the focus of the spectators. In the battle for Olympic relevance, which is vital for survival, this model opens up a unique opportunity for many sports to position themselves for the future.

The highlight: both versions can be combined. Anyone who thinks sustainably and profit-oriented can no longer overlook ASB GlassFloor sports flooring when planning an arena and, incidentally, ensures the buzz of spectators and athletes alike.