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Sustainability, the fusion of e-sports and real sport: Glass sports flooring by ASB GlassFloor sets new standards once again

A few months ago, a unique European project called FUZED celebrated its premiere in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was part of Expo H22, which addressed the question of what the city of the future could look like. FUZED combines e-sports with analogue sports and thus creates a brand-new type of activity for young people. Visitors to the centre earn game time on the digital consoles through physical training, combining e-sports with real sport – a novel concept that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

ASB GlassFloor played an important role in this project. The Bavarian company installed 300 sqm of its ASB MultiSports floor and proved once again that future projects with sports floors can no longer be thought of without ASB GlassFloor.

After all, the glass and LED technology not only bridges the gap between analogue and virtual sports, but also offers numerous advantages and makes it much easier to refinance the entire project, even in municipal construction. Sustainability, digitalisation, entirely new training and marketing possibilities, as well as enormous flexibility in the design of the entire floor area give hall operators and architects plenty of arguments to decide in favour of the ASB MultiSports, which also represents great added value for athletes due to its joint- friendly properties.

More and more building owners are relying on the advantages of glass sports flooring from ASB GlassFloor, especially since an important milestone was achieved last year. The decision of the basketball world association FIBA in spring 2022 to allow the use of glass floors in level 1 competitions provides additional tailwind. Now all official competitions in volleyball, handball and basketball can be held on ASB GlassFloor.

The special feature of the glass sports floor by ASB GlassFloor: the lines are not permanently marked on the floor, but are located as LED lines underneath the glass surface. Thus, at the touch of a button, a wide variety of playing fields such as basketball, hockey, handball, badminton and volleyball can be displayed, or even many small training fields. Only the lines that are really needed are displayed. Gone are the days of the big game line chaos. When school sports, professional training, sporting events and cultural events often have to be combined in one hall, this flexibility provides a decisive advantage. The durability of an ASB GlassFloor is over 70 years, on which you can easily hold school sports in the morning, a handball match in the afternoon and a concert in the evening. In between, all you have to do is change the lines on the touch screen and damp mop the floor if necessary.

The multi-purpose use and profitability calculation were ultimately the decisive arguments that recently also convinced the Miltenberg district council. In summer 2023, the Untermainhalle in Elsenfeld, where the traditional handball club TV GroƟwallstadt plays its home games, will receive a glass floor by ASB GlassFloor. After 15, at the latest after 20 years, the high-tech floor will have paid back the investment thanks to its much longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

The certified sports floor is FIBA, FIVB and IHF accredited and complies with the European standard EN 14 904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. Due to its elasticity and texture, among other things due to the ceramic dots burned into the glass surface, it offers perfect conditions for the health of the athlete. The risk of injury from fire friction after a fall is also much lower. In addition to the “"”ASB MultiSports", there is also the variant "ASB LumiFlex". Here, the entire floor is equipped with LEDs and there are even more possible uses.