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Traditional handball club TV Großwallstadt in future will play on glass sports floor from ASB GlassFloor

The Untermainhalle in Elsenfeld is getting a new highlight. The home venue of TV Großwallstadt, one of Germany’s best-known handball clubs, will be equipped with the world’s most modern sports flooring system from ASB GlassFloor. In particular, the issues of sustainability, profitability and health tipped the scales in favor of the acquisition of the “ASB Multisport”.

In addition to the current second-division handball team, the many schoolchildren and athletes in the district will also benefit, as will the entire event industry, which will be able to hold its events much more cost-effectively from now on. The glass floor is also a real eye-catcher and enhances the Untermainhalle and the region enormously.

Although the glass floor is more expensive to buy than a conventional hall floor, this additional investment pays for itself over time. The district council had dealt extensively with the question of which floor to install. Two halls were inspected and practical experience was gathered. Only then were the funds made available.

One of the special features: the lines are no longer permanently marked on the floor, but are located as LED lines underneath the glass surface. In this way, a wide variety of sports fields can be displayed at the touch of a button, or even many small training fields.

LED lines change at the touch of a button

Only the lines that are really needed are displayed. Gone are the days of the big line confusion. The following fields have been predefined especially for the Untermainhalle: Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball. The end of the line chaos is also an enormous relief for inclusion sports. Apart from the fact that wheelchair users will find a perfect surface on the glass floor. 

When school sports, professional training, sporting events and cultural events often have to be reconciled in the halls, the flexibility of multi-sports brings the decisive advantage. An ASB GlassFloor lasts more than 70 years and can easily be used for futsal training in the morning, a handball match in the afternoon and a concert in the evening. In between, all you have to do is change the lines on the touch screen and damp mop the floor once if necessary. 

This efficiency means that significantly more events can take place, as there are no long changeover breaks. 

The easy-care and robust nature of the glass floor makes it predestined for events of all kinds. After all, it is mainly made of glass and aluminum. Walking on it with street shoes is no problem. 

The certified sports floor is FIBA, FIVB and IHF accredited, approved for the German Handball League and complies with the European standard EN 14 904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. Due to its elasticity and texture, among other things due to the ceramic dots burned into the glass surface, it offers perfect conditions for the health of the athlete. The “ASB Multisports” is gentler on the joints and the risk of injury from burn friction after a fall is also much lower.

At the beginning of the Bavarian summer holidays in 2023, the glass floor will be installed within a few weeks. A modern sports floor will then cover an area of around 1,340 square metres, representing enormous added value for the district of Miltenberg and its citizens across the generations.

Jens Marco Scherf (District Administrator Miltenberg): “The soil offers optimal conditions for operation and maintenance. It is very easy to maintain, requires little effort in overall handling, in addition it is cost-saving and of course very good from a sustainability point of view. In addition, we can now hold a variety of cultural events without having to lay a separate floor. Some of these events were not possible before. This also saves a lot of time and money. This secures the future of our Untermainhalle, which stands as a showcase hall for the district of Miltenberg. I am very happy for our schools and the many clubs that will soon find sensational conditions in the Untermainhalle thanks to the glass floor.”

Christof Babinsky (Managing Director ASB GlassFloor): “For us, the Untermainhalle is of particular interest. It is a project for the public sector and the first major renovation project we are handling. Our floor proves here that it not only offers great advantages in usability, comfort and multifunctionality. We can also prove that, from a long-term perspective, investing in a long-lasting quality product makes economic sense. Miltenberg is taking a great approach here. In addition, the hall is in very good condition and thus represents an excellent reference for our product.”